Get your finances sorted and in service to your fulfilling life through our financial courses

Do you want support and education to grow your wealth yourself rather than outsourcing all of your decisions to someone else?

All you need is a willingness to learn and to partner with us through our holistic financial courses to build knowledge, wisdom and personal growth.


These financial courses are ideal

for you if:

You want to take control of your financial matters but you feel overwhelmed and out of your depth when it comes to building wealth.

You lack confidence and feel like you don’t know where to start

When you think about money you feel stressed and fear you will never have enough.

You want to learn more through financial courses about how you can stop sabotaging yourself and create healthy relationship to money.

You feel conflicted about what to prioritize. You want balance and wellbeing while building wealth, but it all seems unattainable.

You want to learn by doing, but under instruction and support from professionals in the field.

Money Wellbeing Foundation Course



Foundations Course

Take back your personal power and move beyond stress, scarcity and imbalance to feeling confident in your ability to create balance and prosperity!

Gain greater personal insight into exactly what is it that you need and how you can use your own personal strengths to feel empowered with money.

Learn how to integrate wealthy habits into your life so that money management becomes a breeze through our relevant financial courses

Learn how to make smart financial decisions that reflect your values, personality and desired lifestyle through our simplified courses

Get your own step-by-step guide on how to get out of debt, build savings and develop financial resilience.

Learn how to transform limiting beliefs and reprogram your money mindset for abundance and freedom.

Discover a new level of clarity around your current money flows and be empowered to re-direct these flows in ways that better support your life intentions.

Take practical actions to reach your goals, protect what you already have, and build a legacy.


Ethical Investing
Ethical Investing

With the demand for ethical investing growing, it is important to explore how it works, how to determine if such investments fit with your personal values and how this might impact upon the returns you ultimately receive.

This financial course will not delve into any specific product recommendations, however you will be better placed to make smarter decisions in reviewing investments available to you.

Money and Mindfulness
Money & Mindfulness

Mindfulness financial course allows us to create a pause between our impulses around money and our automatic reactions. We will look at how we can use this pause to increase the choices available to us, and use this to our advantage.

We combine the learnings from eastern traditions, positive psychology and practical steps to improve not only your finances, but also how you feel about the role that money plays in your life.

Time Investment Continuum

The Time-Investment Continuum

This financial course looks at how the dimensions, time and investments can be used together to compound returns and ultimately lead to more possibilities in your life. We look at different asset classes (shares, property etc.), the ideal time frames for such investments and how they can fit into our own lifecycles to maximum benefit.

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