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This ALL IN ONE Money Management Platform allows you to simplify your finances and control your money flows without the hassle of traditional budgeting systems.

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This financial app is ideal

for you if:

Making ends meet each week feels like a constant struggle and you wonder where all the money goes.

Your financial information is disorganized and you have lost track of your purchases.

You want to get out of debt and start saving for something big, but you hate the thought of budgeting.

You keep getting caught out by unexpected expenses, just when you think that maybe you are making progress towards your goals.

You know you need to figure out what to prioritize but managing your money seems incredibly boring, time consuming and down-right frustrating.

You know that not sorting your finances has cost you money, opportunities, and your peace of mind.

Wealth Portal App

Get Your Financial World Organised

Take back control, and stay on track with your money – at home and on the go. With your very own Personal Wealth Portal, you will find managing your entire financial world a breeze.

This robust money management tool is jam packed with tons of features to help you move from concerned to confident with your money.

Create Peace of Mind for You

and Your Loved Ones

With our Bank Level Security, you can be confident that your important information is safe. Store all your important documents in the cloud, including wills, insurances, receipts and rental statements. Keep track of all your banking and investment accounts in one easy location.

Don't have a will? Generate a legally binding will, drafted by a leading estate planning law firm, and automatically populate it with your portal data.

Wealth Portal
My Wealth

Be in Control.

Stay on top of

every dollar spent.

Thanks to live data feeds from prominent financial institutions, your details are always up to date.

Get a real-time, comprehensive snapshot of your entire financial world including regular insights to track how things are evolving and free valuations track the performance of your property and vehicle.

Stay on Track.

Manage money on the go.

Set goals and budgets, then track transactions from any device. Every spend is automatically categorised so you know exactly where your money is going.

Link all your accounts and adjust categories to fit your lifestyle and check in regularly with monthly reports. Whatever your ambitions, we'll help you

get there.

My Cash Flow

Our Packages

Let's face it; you're a clever cookie when it comes to financial apps – but everyone needs that little bit of ongoing support and accountability. We offer options for you to interact with a professional money coach through the app and/or through our 1:1 Mentoring.



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