Why work with Danielle Brophy?


Working in the accounting and financial planning industries for the past 15 years has enabled Danielle Brophy to see clients through an infinite number of scenarios. She has also had many life experiences that have helped her gain a deep understanding of the challenges that can come from a tumultuous relationship with money.

Return on Investment

Learn the techniques to see your wealth grow many times over your initial investment, but also experience the benefits of personal growth and greater life satisfaction.

Financial Psychology Principles

Having completed a Psychology degree and observing financial behaviours in practice whilst being a member of the Financial Psychology Institute, Financial Therapy Association and Initiative for Financial Wellbeing has instilled in Danielle Brophy a deep understanding of the creative ways that human beings can use money in either helpful or unhelpful ways.


No financial products are recommended at any point, so there is no chance of biases, commissions or kick-backs. It is all about helping you to build your own strategies and Money Wellbeing muscles!


Danielle Brophy will provide you with the honesty you need, but also with the love and support to breakthrough old habits and/or limiting beliefs. Danielle Brophy will also help you to discover what it is that YOU need, and what it is that will work for YOU not anyone else.


Join with other growth-oriented people in a supportive environment.

Life Purpose

This is different for everyone — it can include beliefs around your own personal power, beliefs in the inter-connectedness of life, a well-defined spiritual path — or even a combination of the above and more! Ultimately, Danielle Brophy is happy to support you with what inspires you most in life and incorporating a healthy relationship with money into your 'bigger picture'.

About Me – Danielle Brophy

I vividly recall one day when I was in my early teens, perhaps even younger, when I sat down alone in my bedroom and thought to myself…"Well, I need to figure out what I am going to do with the rest of my life."

I proceeded to write some ideas on paper and stuck them on the wall. I got very quiet and still… and I thought about what I really cared about and how I could make a contribution in the world.

I realised that the answer was in fact staring right back at me — what I REALLY wanted to do, above all else, was to help people with their money.

You see, in many ways, I'd had to think about these things at a young age and would quite often ask myself why the world was the way it was. Growing up, at different times I had lived with a different parent, in different homes. As I tried to make sense of the world, I observed that the adults in my life each had a very different relationship to money– to the point that living in each household was in some ways, like immersing myself in a completely different familial culture. In both households, there was a single parent managing to cover costs, and yet I found myself asking why they were so different and how is it that anybody could have a peaceful relationship with money.

Of course, at a young age I didn't put any of this into those words, but I knew something so deeply, that I think many people still don't know — that how you think and feel about money can permeate every single aspect of your life. Those ripple effects can be positive or negative, depending on your relationship with your money and yourself as a whole.

Danielle Brophy Money Wellbeing

I am well aware that this story is not only mine to share, and so I will leave it at that. But I can assure you that I really do understand the need for coaching & healing in a confidential supportive environment. The point is not to wallow in our sorrows, but to heal, take the lessons and grow from our experiences. To look at our strengths and how we can enhance our existing positive qualities to move towards a life of purpose where money is used to facilitate a happy and healthy life.

I can also appreciate that when we are in the midst of struggle, it can be really difficult to think through the best way to move forward. So, I believe the role of a coach is to provide objective support using the best available tools to help you get to a point where you know what you want to achieve and to give you the help you need to get there.

Let me give you another example from my family history. A story I am sure that my loved ones won't mind me sharing. This story started with my great-grandmother whom I had the privilege of knowing before she passed away at 92 years of age. This beautiful soul raised her children during the Great Depression, and I happen to know that she once sold her wedding ring to buy shoes for her boys in that time of struggle. Now, that was four generations ago, but I can't help but wonder if this played into why my grandfather (her son) grew up seemingly owning four of every household object because "you might need that one day".

So you see? How we respond to money & possessions, and the choices that we make can reverberate not just through our own life, but through other people's lives, including future generations.

I believe that money is inter-connected to all aspects of our lives, how we feel about ourselves, and our values.

What you won't get

I don't sell financial products, property or receive commissions from referrals.

I don't presume to know what your Financial Wellbeing looks like.

I don't give cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all answers.

I won't fail to tell you the truth, but we tell it in a loving and supportive way.

I won't try to convince you to pass control of your money over to someone else.

I am not jargon heavy with my language or condescending in my approach.